Material Protection Solutions Making a World of Difference

In today’s world there are many complex problems. But when it comes to solving them, one simple fact shines through: you must first acknowledge that there is a problem.

The fact is: corrosion is an incredibly destructive force facing everyone who works with metal.

In the United States alone, corrosion costs industry and ultimately the consumer over 350 billion dollars. But that is only part of the story. Many corrosion protection methods employed are less than effective and worse, are inherently damaging to the earth’s environment.

In 1977, as a fledgling company working out of a garage in St. Paul, Minnesota, we had a vision to effectively combat the devastating effects of corrosion, while at the same time creating environmentally friendly alternatives to existing methods of corrosion protection.

Through commitment, hard work, and extensive research and development we pioneered the application and distribution of Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibiting (VpCI®) and Migratory Corrosion Inhibiting (MCI®) technologies. First we developed nitrite-free multimetal VpCI® products. Then we expanded into environmentally acceptable water-based liquids to replace polluting oil and solvent-based coatings. Now we are producing a full line of multifunctional products that promise unparalleled benefits to you, our customer.

Through the years, Cortec® Corporation has grown to become the world’s leader in corrosion protection technology, but regardless of how large we become, the vision and commitment we began with in that little garage will always remain: to provide corrosion protection to help you increase profits, improve product quality and reduce waste and pollution.

Cortec® Corporation is a recipient of NACE International Distinguished Organization Award for excellence in corrosion protection technologies (2004). The way we look at it, being a worldleader in VpCI®/MCI® technology has its responsibilities.

Vision Commitment Solutions

  • World Class Product Offerings

An innovative producer of leading edge products.

  • World Class Customer Service

A positive, long-lasting impression through every link of our company.

  • World Class Environmental Commitment

Cortec® commits to continued development of processes and products that are useful, non-hazardous to the environment, and recyclable whenever possible.


·         An Ethical and Respectful Company Culture

Respect and treat our colleagues, customers, and vendors as we would our own family members.