Surface Preparation Products

Date April 2016
Cortec Distributor

Lake Engineering Solutions

Customer European Castings Manufacturer
Products VpCIŽ 422, VpCIŽ 419, BiocorrŽ


A castings manufacturer serving global markets had machined, washed and stored parts awaiting shipment. Severe rusting occurred. Hundreds of parts needed to be de-rusted and protected for Storage and transit to their customers. A viable continuous de-rusting and protection process had to be built with equipment available in the factory and personnel trained to ensure compliance.


1st Stage De-rust by spraying VpCIŽ 422 in a top loading washing machine at ambient temperature
2nd Stage Wash the parts to neutralise the VpCI 422 in a top loading washing machine using VpCIŽ 419 @ 10% concentration and running at 70°C
3rd Stage Dip the parts in BiocorrŽ and dry to give up to 24 months protection using a purpose made dip tank and drying table
4th Stage Repack the parts onto Euro-pallets using VpCIŽ packaging and desiccants
5th Stage Documentation of the process and training of personnel


Lake Engineering Solutions was specifically chosen because of their process technical knowledge and understanding of Cortec products to devise a total solution using existing equipment (top loading washing machines) along with a dip and drying station built on site.

The results were outstanding and the castings company has no issues with rusty parts in storage or transit. This process is being implemented as a standard operation across group sites.